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Take The Gloves Off and Fight The Main Stream Media

Take The Gloves Off! Fight: Media Matters, CNN, MSNBC And The Main Stream Media

Updated Listings: CNN News, MSNBC News and ABC News sponsors and advertisers. If The Main Stream Media Wants To Wage War, Give Em War! “Defend Your Right To Free Speech”.

Photographer / Journalist Edward Biamonte

Sean Hannity is a professional journalist for FOX News. He analyzes and reports the facts concerning News trends and sitting Presidents– Donald J. Trump. In the fair analysis of news Hannity comments on the bigoted, sexist and leftist agenda propagated by Leftist media outlets like Media Matters for America; a George Soros media front created to propagate false narratives about moderate and conservative businesses, politicians and any media personnel who disagree with the Clinton/Podesta 2016 front group and ongoing.

As a host of his very successful show on Fox News, Hannity has used his opinion based analysis platform for breaking news to advocate for responsible fact based opinion analysis and/or reporting. He reveals fact-less narratives and propaganda by an ideologically driven press and/or media releases. Hannity reports the facts concerning the President of the United States Donald J. Trump, giving side by side analysis, therefore disseminating the facts with evidence like the recent obstructionist platforms of all political parties and media outlets like Media Matters for America.

My take: Sean Hannity breaks down the facts concerning conspiracy theories and false news narratives propagated by the leftist media; and therefore, Media Matters for America. Concerning Seth Rich: Seth was shot in the back twice, he was alive when the EMTs arrived yet succumbed to his wounds passing away at the hospital. The murder investigation is unsolved. This murder must be solved. Why is the left hindering further investigations to find out who murdered this man? A special prosecutor should be assigned to case and investigate all leads, all data, to find leads to solve this murder case. Let the facts fall where they may. FOX News should overwhelmingly want to get to the truth.

Note: FOX News’ reporting and investigation into the collusion between the President, and the President’s associates, pertaining to Russia and the repeated revelation of “NO evidence” has the main stream media and Media Matters desperately trying to justify their leftist slander and false reporting concerning the sitting POTUS, as well, those who report the facts like Hannity and others at FOX News in general.

Example: Saudi Arabia’s response to and acceptance of President Trump’s migration agenda is one example where POTUS, Donald J. Trump, created a coalition of Muslim nations to stop radical Islamic Terrorism on all fronts; including the migration thereof. This mitigates for itself the irrational position of leftist driven main stream media outlets and Media Matters in relation to POTUS, Donald J. Trump; as well, his position on Muslims and his MAGA agenda in toto. FOX News’ in years past would have and they should investigate and report all of the facts; unbiased, balanced and unafraid. And that includes the Seth Rich murder. Let’s find the person or those responsible for his murder. Let’s get this murder mystery solved.

Concerning BOYCOTTS

It’s true sponsors have the right to sponsor whoever they would like. However, we as consumers have the right to buy or reject their products for any reason what so ever. Air time is paid for by sponsors. If the well dries up so does the rhetoric and the narrative that is destroying our nation.

Therefore “When They See Your Face, Let Them See Hell” 

Here is a list of recent Sean Hannity Sponsors that have succumb to MSNBC, CNN, and Media Matters leftist agenda:

Let Them Know How You Feel and Post It Everywhere!

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Here is a list of CNN Sponsors. If the main stream media wants war– Give them a war they will soon regret. Always remember to place your focus on Media Matters and CNN. How does one do that: mention them in every letter, post, boycott etc…

CNN Headline News Advertisers: Let Them Know How You Feel and Post It Everywhere!

HEC Paris MBA Program http://www.mba.hec.edu/mba/site/the_mba_that_builds_character.2.html Phone Number – France numbers only listed on web site

JK Harris and Company http://www.jkharris.com/?ml_source=networkcable Phone Number – 800-556-9795

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals http://www.astrazeneca-us.com/ Phone – 800-236-9933

E-Trade https://us.etrade.com/e/t/home Phone – 800-387-2331

Monex Precious Metals http://monex.com/ Phone – 800-444-8317

Sprint / Nextel http://www.sprint.com/index.html?brand=Nextel Sprint customers – call 1-888-211-4727 Nextel customers – call 1-800-639-6111

Select Quote http://www.selectquote.com/home2/homepage.html Phone 800-777-8300

Wells Fargo https://www.wellsfargo.com/ Phone 800-869-3557

AARP http://www.aarp.org/ Phone – 888-687-2277

Philips / Norelco http://www.usa.philips.com/index.page Phone – (212) 850-5000 Scott M. Weisenhoff CEO Philips Electronics North America email scott.m.weisenhoff@philips.com

Subaru http://www.subaru.com/tools/contactus/index.jsp Phone – 1-800-782-2783

Geico http://www.geico.com/about/contactus/ Phone – 800-861-8380

Boston Market http://www.bostonmarket.com/contacts Phone – 800-365-7000

Overstock.com https://help.overstock.com/cgi-bin/overstock.cfg/php/enduser/contact_page.php?searchtype=HP_Header&keywords=contact Phone 800-843-2446

Liberty Medical http://www.libertymedical.com/diabetes/contact-us/default.aspx?sem-lander-3 Phone 800-970-4831

Live Well Financial http://www.livewellfinancial.com/?gclid=CLTTo4eC5JYCFRlRagodaiF_Ow Phone – 800-917-1170

American Coalition for Clean Coal http://www.americaspower.org/Contact-Us Phone – 877-358-6699

University of Phoenix http://yourphoenixdegree.com/010/

Partnership for Prescription Assistance https://www.pparx.org/Intro.php Phone – 888-477-2669

Ehealth Insurance Services http://www.ehealthinsurance.com/ Phone – 800-977-8860

Dodge http://www.dodge.com/webselfservice/dodge/index.jsp?screenName=recall Phone – 1-800-853-1403

Hyundai http://www.hyundaiusa.com/global/contactus/main.aspx Phone – 800-633-5151

Jos A Banks Clothiers http://www.josbank.com/customer_service_main.tem Phone – 800-999-7472 or 800-285-2265

Career Builder.com http://www.careerbuilder.com/share/aboutus/pr_main.aspx Toll Free: (800) 638-4212

Zurich Financial Services http://www.zurich.com/main/services/contact/generalcontact.htm Swiss Phone numbers only

Johnson and Johnson https://secure-www.jnj.com/wps/wcm/jsp/contactUs.jsp Phone – 732-524-0400

US Home Auction http://www.ushomeauction.com/ Phone – 800-793-6107

Cisco http://www.cisco.com/web/siteassets/contacts/index.html Phone – 800-553-6387 or 408-526-4000

Exxon Mobil http://www.exxonmobil.com/SiteFlow/SuppInfo/Contacts/SF_CT_BusHeadquarters.asp Phone – 972-444-1000

Jitterbug http://www.jitterbug.com/ContactUs/ Phone – 800-918-8543

List of MSNBC Sponsors – Courtesy of the Kelly Truth Squad / Let Them Know How You Feel and Post It Everywhere!

Interested in boycotting MSNBC? Here is a list of the network’s sponsors.

Alcatel press@alcatel-lucent.com

Anheuser-Busch http://contactus.anheuser-busch.com/Email/email.aspx?Si…

Ann Taylor http://www.anntaylorstorescorp.com/contact/index.asp (call or fax)

Avon http://shop.avon.com/shop/assist_email_us.asp

Banco Nacional de Mexico https://portal.banamex.com.mx/esp/atencion_queremos_esc…

Cambridge Technology Partners marketing@ctp-consulting.com

Catalyst http://www.catalyst.org/page/50/contact-us

Champion International http://support.crosspath.com/support/?sess=…

Chase Manhattan https://www.chase.com/index.jsp?pg_name=ccpmapp/shared/…

Choice-Point http://www.lexisnexis.com/risk/contact /

Chubb Corporation http://www.chubb.com/marketing/chubb2340.html

Coca-Cola http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/contactus /

Community Health Systems http://www.chs.net/company_overview/contact_us.html

Dell Computer http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/supp…

Delphi Automotive http://delphi.com/contact/other /

Fiat http://www.fiat.com/cgi-bin/pbrand.dll/FIAT_COM/contact…

Home Depot http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Cont…

Honeywell http://www51.honeywell.com/honeywell/contact-support/co…

Illinois Tool Works

Illinois Tool Works International Speedy http://www.speedyintl.com/contact_us.php

Internet Security Systems http://www.securitystoreusa.com/help.asp

Invemed http://www.manta.com/c/mm2gr8n/invemed-associates-llc

Morgan Chase & Co. http://www.jpmorganchase.com/corporate/About-JPMC/media…

Kellogg media.hotline@kellogg.com

Kimberly-Clark http://www.kimberly-clark.com/ask/kimberly-clark/countr…

Knight-Ridder http://www.mcclatchy.com/2006/06/12/380/contact-us.html

Microtune http://www.microtune.com/company/contact_us.shtml

Morgan Gauranty Trust http://www.jpmorganchase.com/corporate/About-JPMC/media…

National Service Industries http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/Nation…

New York Stock Exchange http://www.nyse.com/about/newsevents/1095581297695.html

Oglivy & Mather https://www.ogilvy.com/Contact.aspx

Penske http://www.penskeracing.com/about/contact.cfm

Planet Hollywood http://www.answers.com/topic/planet-hollywood-internati…

State Street http://www.statestreet.com/wps/portal/internet/corporat… /

Scientific Atlanta http://www.cisco.com/web/siteassets/contacts/index.html

Sun Microsystems http://www.sun.com/contact/office_locations.jsp

Texaco http://www.texaco.com/contactus.aspx

TIAA-CREF https://www3.tiaa-cref.org/ContactTIAA/ContactTIAA.php

Total Systems Services http://www.tsys.com/About/Contact/index.cfm

TRICON Global Restaurants http://www.yum.com/contact/default.asp

Unifi http://www.unificompanies.com/unifi_contact.htm

Unilever http://www.unilever.com/resource/Contactform/index.aspx

WinStar http://www.winstarworldcasino.com/about-us/contact-form

List of Additional MSNBC Sponsors and Advertisers / Let Them Know How You Feel and Post It Everywhere!

Activia Breakfast Yogurt
Alka Seltzer
Bayer Products
Bob’s Furniture
Clairol – Nice n Easy hair color
Continental Airlines
Discover Card
Essence Magazine
Febreze air freshner
Ishares by Blackrock
Jaiya Restaurant
Lazyboy Furniture Galleries
Marriott Residence Inns
My Cleaning Secret
National Rent a Car
Ram Trucks
Sam’s Club
Shields for Men
Spark Business Card from Capital One
UFT and NYC Teachers
USAA Insurance
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

This is a link to ABC’s Sponsors: Let Them Know How You Feel and Post It Everywhere!

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