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Armed! Concealed Carry, The American Gun Revolution, Part Two


Civil Rights, Self Defense, Concealed Carry and Stand Your Ground. 

Photos and article by Edward Biamonte

You’re a racist if you support Self Defense, Concealed Carry and Stand Your Ground laws?

Oh– what a political web some Democrats and progressives are trying to weave. White facing by race baiters are attacking our current civil rights, concerning personal protection and the right to bear arms. Once again, race baiting has reared its ugly head through self proclaimed civil rights activist and racial extremist: Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, the NAACP and supported by DOJ Eric Holder, and, encouraged by Barack Obama, some in the DNC and Hillary Clinton.


Although race and “Stand Your Ground law” were not found to have any relevance in the Zimmerman / Martin case, as stated by the FBI Hate Crimes Unit, one begs the question: why did POTUS– Barack Obama, DOJ Eric Holder, former SOS Hillary Clinton, validate the NAACP and the liberal media’s racist presupposition concerning the Zimmerman / Martin case? So derogatory, it was coined a civil rights media spectacle, it was harshly critiqued by distinguished black leaders: Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, and David Webb to name a few.

Reflecting back to Sanford Florida, the NAACP stirred up racial controversy in America, for the direct purpose, to attack Stand Your Ground and the Right to Bare Arms. Civil rights, effect gun rights. However, in relation to the US Constitution and our Bill Of Rights, in a positive way. Yes, Civil Rights are very relevant to Stand Your Ground, gun rights, and, why we have laws like Stand Your Ground and “The Castle Law”.  Nonetheless, national gun rights are once again under attack by the Obama administration and DOJ Eric Holder. Once again, stirring up emotions concerning the death of Trayvon Martin to drive the issue.

Though not an attorney or Constitutional expert, I believe the recent self defense verdict pertaining to the George Zimmerman v/s Trayvon Martin may have opened up a Pandora’s Box of Civil Rights, prompting issues to come forward, racist groups like the NAACP didn’t count on.

National and North Carolina gun rights activist will be able to use the Zimmerman trial and the hyped up racial rhetoric by the NAACP to their advantage. Firearms ownership is a civil right and protected by the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution and our Amended rights. Firearms owners will not be discriminated against by the NAACP’s racial exploitation and political extremism created by the anti gun lobby.

704 Living states: first and foremost “all men are created equal”. Civil Rights are not a Black, Brown, Tan, Yellow or White issue. Civil rights are not based on the level of one’s melanin. Civil Rights rights are clear; having no color. When you imply a colored or racial presupposition, a color starting point, to civil rights, civil rights no longer exist. Civil Rights are an American right for all people– all color.

When racist people push a civil rights platform, they discriminate against and infringed upon the inherent meaning of and contradict civil rights. The great, Dr. Martin Luther King’s march for equality was for all people. However, equality seems to be a one sided racial protuberance, a rhetorical flatulence by the NAACP, supported by DOJ Eric Holder, and, encouraged by Barack Obama, the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Recent NAACP, mephitic, statements shattered any idea this group is for all Americans. Although self implied on their web site, NAACP dogma reveals the very racial elitism that has reared its ugly face, causing the new racial riff across America. 

NAACP states “Civil Rights are for people of all color”… yet, “preserving the black or African American way of life”. What does that mean? Is the group advocating no other influence allowed unless the issues are NAACP, and the African American way of life, approved? And, other colors, like whites or other races need not apply? This kind of racial bigotry, bias and elitism, is disrespectful to every man, women and child and inherently discriminating.

“Freedom and liberty to all” Americans is what Civil Rights are all about.

Scandalously offensive, to watch or hear, White Facing black issues, blaming the white man for the downfall of black social issues is outrages.  Race baiting or using racial slander to define a race group is disrespectful.  What’s more egregious however, is the authentication of White Facing by Barack Obama for the expressed purpose of creating a racial wedge. To encourage such detestable behavior, using race to imply Stand Your Ground is the reason for black suffrage is baseless.

Yet, Barack Obama has decided to allow racial elitist to attack everyone’s civil right to self defend. Using a willing liberal media, Barack Obama is using the Zimmerman trial and verdict to redirect conversation about his administration’s current scandals and failing economy. Using a black teen’s tragedy to attack gun rights, encouraging the use of false evidence, hyped up emotions, in an attempt to cover up his administrations failures are all to common from this White House administration.

A classic bait and switch

Did using Black elitist, the Black Intitulare, reach a new low for the President? Current social morays in the Black community have been highlighted, revealing the truth about the NAACP’s “Black way of life” or social vision. Did the NAACP fail to understand, entering into this liberal media pact with Obama might prove detrimental to their agenda? Did the race baiters fail to understand there would be backlash concerning their fact-less dissemination and agenda?

Are there social issues, concerning the Black way of life, the Black Intitulare are trying to protect or hide from? Could it be the rapid Black on Black, gang related homicides that include gun violence? Crime statistics reveal “young black men commit ten times (10X) more homicides than all other race groups combined” Bill Oreilly. Is this the Black way of life Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, the NAACP and DOJ Eric Holder want to protect? Or – is the “African American way of life” pertaining to out of wed-lock birth rates, which are disastrous at 73 percent, their vision? Perhaps it’s the high school drop out rates in the inner cities or the outrages unemployment levels in the black community?

For the anti-gun lobby, liberal media, NAACP, ACLU, POTUS, DOJ Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton to attack and blame laws like “Stand Your Ground”- or – blame law abiding American’s who carry firearms, as the reason black social morays are in such decline, is a false attestation reinforcing the buttress that blocks true civil rights. Blaming Trayvon Martin’s death on “Stand Your Ground” is an affront to an average persons intelligence, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Civil Rights.

Racism– has to stop

Bill Oreilly’s Talking Points on July 22, 2013 were very profound and one every American should watch: http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=aaplw&p=Bill+Oreilly+July+22,+2013+talking+points

Oreilly’s News Letter is a worthy article as well: http://www.billoreilly.com/site/rd?satype=13&said=12&url=%2Fnewslettercolumn%3Fpid%3D41101

Stand Your Ground and The Zimmerman trial

Concerning the Zimmerman trial, evidence enforcing politically motivated misconduct, corruption and malpractice in the Zimmerman case against the Florida State DOJ, Judge and prosecutors as been affirmed. Why have no investigations taken place? Can the DOJ investigate the DOJ? With substantiations of tampering, hiding and hindering evidence, firing the Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, forcing the first prosecutor off the case, and, denying a Grand Jury hear the charges against Zimmerman before charges were filed, Madam Justice was lawlessly trampled upon. However, she rose from the ashes of racism and legal misconduct exonerating the innocent.

This video by Afterburner with Bill Whittle is a must watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrp8A2x2oN4 The video goes into great factual detail what the liberal media didn’t want you to know and supports evidence a Special Prosecutor should investigate the laws broken during the Zimmerman trail.

One has to wonder why Barack Obama would take such a risk, corroborating emotionally flamed racial tension, with a case that should have never gone to trial? Never let a crisis or possible political wedge go to waste? Was this whole Zimmerman / Martin fiasco just a smoke screen to take the heat off of Obama’s five other pending scandals?  http://704livin.com/2013/07/armed-concealed-carry-and-the-american-gun-revolution/

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The “Stand Your Ground Law” and it is a Civil Rights issue in relation to North Carolina. Very relevant to every American’s Constitutional and Amended rights, what does Civil Rights have to do with the current H937-PCS80323-SA-24 gun bill in the North Carolina legislature?

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