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Armed! Concealed Carry and The American Gun Revolution


Armed! Concealed Carry and The American Gun Revolution – Part One

Article and Photos by Edward Biamonte

Is there really an “American Gun Revolution” going on? Why are so many Americans arming themselves, buying guns? What started this new  Gun Revolution and what’s causing it to grow larger every day?

What should new firearms buyers think about now they have a firearm?  Do the new gun owners know how to use their firearms? Are the new gun owners getting educated? Why are so many firearm owners getting Concealed Carry permits?  What are some training options for gun owners in the US and 704-Land– Gaston County, North Carolina?

Wether buying a firearm for self protection, home or family protection, sport shooting – or – in protest the fact is there has been a huge surge in firearm sales. In a 2011 Gallup poll, 47 percent of Americans reported having at least one gun in their home. Of those, most (62 percent) said they had more than one. The most popular reasons for owning a gun: self-defense (67 percent), target shooting (66 percent), and hunting (62 percent).

New gun owners that I have spoken to refer to current negative political trends as one reason for buying a firearm. Some state, they don’t like what they’re hearing or watching on TV in relation to the erosion of their Constitutional rights -or- their perceived direction where the US is treading politically. Others cited an up-surge in crime as their reason for getting a firearm. Some have even cited “rebellion against the government”!

Tell an American he can’t and he’ll do the opposite just to get in your face.

Others outright blame the current White House Administration and Barack Obama for causing a public panic. Looking beyond the Colorado and SandyHook shootings that compelled the Left to push for gun control, what other political or current issues are helping to fuel this robust Constitutional trust issue?

In 2009, there were an estimated 310 million firearms owned by Americans. In 2010 production increased, some 242,000 firearms were exported, while an additional 3.25 million were imported from other countries and sold in the US.

In October 2012 an analysis done by AP, Ruger & Co. and Smith & Wesson, two of the largest US firearms manufacturers, have seen profits rise by 86 percent and 41 percent, respectively.

Tracking sales of firearms in the US is tricky. Federal officials report that sales were higher than ever in 2012. The FBI had recorded 16.5 million background checks for gun purchases in 2012 – the most recorded since the FBI began tracking data in 1998. The actual number of guns sold is higher, since registrants can buy multiple guns. Also, private sales and many gun-show sales do not require an FBI check.

While no current figures are available, past estimates of private sales of firearms (no background check required) put the figure at 40 percent of all sales.

By pushing for gun control did Obama create the opposite effect intended making gun control terminable?

Obama’s choice of rhetoric and actions, to please the political left and Anti-Gun Lobby, were seen by many as a threat to one’s Constitutional rights fueling a gun buying pandemic by Americans. January 16, 2013 POTUS Issued a Presidential memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system. Obama’s actions, like this executive order to data mine Americans, has the US public very stirred up.

The public’s fear of an over reaching Obama government have been recently substantiated by the current IRS and NSA / FBI scandals. With stats like the Smith and Wesson one it’s not hard to recognize the sobering facts. There are more gun owners in America than ever before, and it’s growing daily. Every time Obama mentions gun control there’s a sales surge in the gun and ammo market. It begs the question, should POTUS stop his anti-gun rhetoric? Would the firearms market cool down?

One’s actions speak louder than words and the American public is watching and listening.

With the current ongoing scandals plaguing Obama, Americans are fed up with the Fed. The American public is angry and wanting answers from the government officials they hired to serve them. Public trust for government is very low. Current government polls reveal the lowest in history. Americans are not getting the answers or the truth with respect to these current administrative issues:

1) The (SOC) Secretary of State Department, under Hillary Clinton, for the Benghazi incident where four Americans were murdered by Muslims. The State Department tried to cover up the incident by deflecting the cause of the attack to a video about a self proclaimed prophet named Mohammed. Stating the video insulted Muslims and therefore the attack on our Embassy killing an American Ambassador.

2) The (IRS) Internal Revenue Service for targeting political groups in opposition to the White House in relation to getting 501 C4 status.

3) The (NSA) National Security Administration for mining and probing the personal information of (120+) one hundred and twenty plus million law abiding Americans under a supposed (dragnet) warrant given by the FISA court. The 2001 Patriot Act was developed under G.W. Bush, however, the new Prism framework was created and initiated under Obama.

4) The (DOJ) Department Of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder signed a request for a warrant to probe and mine the Associated Press and Fox News reporters based on false information, there-by obtaining the warrant and doing searches illegally. Then Holder lied under oath that he knew nothing about it.

5) And the (NDAA) National Defense Authorization Act which gives the sitting (POTUS) President Of The United States, in a state of a national emergency, complete and over riding authority and leadership over the US military and all Law enforcement. Wether state or Federal the NDAA nullifies the US Constitution, congressional oversight and states rights of governorship at the stroke of a pen.

http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=0sujnvIV4g4 – Demiside, death by government.

Is there a direct relation in the above scandals prompting the surge of firearms buying?

Speculations and anger, by the American public, that the current White House administration is purposely shredding the Constitution of the United States at every chance to fundamentally “Change” America is fueling a protect the Constitution and firearms pandemic. Threatening to shred the US Constitution and the Second Amendment with rabid gun control to take American’s guns away has created a firearm hysteria.

The Second Amendment is very clear — “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed”.

It is obvious that Government overreach knows no bounds and has threatened the American way of life and is changing the public’s psyche. American “Patriots” aren’t ignorant, barefoot or toothless and realize “actions speak louder then words”. America’s history is replete with reminders of the blood and life’s treasures lost for their freedoms. It’s easy to recognize when their prize of liberty is being threatened. To coin another phrase– “If it walks like a duck– it’s probably a duck”. Many Americans believe such actions by the Obama administration are just the iceberg or the beginning of a progressive socialist storm– fueling cynicism, anger, speculations, and by some– political conspiracies.

The hard reality, law abiding Americans are saying NO to Obama and Yes to buying guns to protect and to protest his administration’s political agenda. Has Prohibition ever worked? One just needs to do a search about the last American Prohibition? What was the outcome then? History compels one to remember “if you tell an American he can’t he most certainly will”, it’s in an American’s Constitutional DNA to stand and fight for their rights. The purchasing of firearms is a direct protest by the American public and getting louder every day. As Obama’s poll’s plummet into the mid 40”s Americans are shouting Viva Liberty! Viva Constitution!

The Audacity and Hope revealed by our fore fathers for penning the Constitution of the United States was visionary.

The Concealed Carry law is a part of their foresight. Constitutional Educator and Lawyer, Dr. MaryAnn Zahala on Washington DC’s firearms prohibition stated: Self Defense is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Second Amendment. In the DC v. Heller case in 2008 the Supreme Court ruled for the first time that the 2nd Amendment gives to the people the right to “keep and bear arms.”

Zihala continued, “for some in this country that case was not enough to set the precedent and force the states’ compliance; the District of Columbia is not a state. And so we had the case of McDonald v. Chicago, ruled on very recently by the Supreme Court. In this case the Court allowed that the right of self defense is a fundamental right deserving of protection from government, federal and state. The justices in the majority decided that the 2nd Amendment was applicable to the states through the 14th Amendment’s privileges and immunities clause and its due process clause. The decision was 5-4 with the four conservative justices voting in favor of a 2nd Amendment right to bear arms…

In North Carolina,

Dr. Greg Brannon, MD is a North Carolina candidate for the United States Senate. Brannon stated: I will lead the fight to protect our God-given right to keep and bear arms, and will work to fully restore the gun rights of law-abiding North Carolinians… And, Protect North Carolina’s Sovereignty. The federal government must be restrained by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and must stop regulating activities that are not within its authority.

Brannon continues: Carolinians must elect U.S. Senators, that will uphold the true meaning of the Supremacy Clause and insure that the federal government is held within the confines of the enumerated powers listed in Our Constitution and nothing more. To contact Greg Brannon or get more information visit his campaign for Liberty at http://www.gregbrannon.net/endofquarter.aspx?pid=0617  or email Greg at greg@gregbrannon.com He’s got my vote!

In times past many Americans bought firearms for the sporting aspect of shooting like hunting or target competitions. The reason to purchase a gun may have fundamentally changed, but, now that so many Americans are buying firearms, what’s next?

Part Two: Concealed Carry and Firearms education.