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Photography Classes, Learn how to use your digital camera!


Photo: by Edward Biamonte of Branson Star Kirby VanBurch

Charlotte and Gaston County North Carolina Photography Classes

Learn how to use your digital camera!

So you bought a new handy dandy 35MM digital camera and you’re stuck in program mode. What’s an F stop anyway? What does it matter what the shutter speed is set at? ISO / ASA who cares! My camera is set to auto mode anyway, so why is it important what ASA my camera is at? Lens is a lens is a lens. Why are my pictures so dark?

I paid good money for this camera, what a piece of junk! I should have bought the Nikon! Why are the people so dark and the background the right exposure? Why are my pictures so blurry? I missed little Johnny’s score, the stupid camera kept making a funny noise and wouldn’t take the picture!!

If you want the answer to these questions and many more read on.

Photography teacher and professional commercial photographer Edward Biamonte can help you learn how to use your camera! Edward Biamonte is an award winning international photographer specializing in advertising, architecture, commercial, editorial, food, lifestyle photography and publishing.

Visit Ed Biamonte’s webs at http://www.edwardbiamonte.com for advertising and editorial work. And for architecture http://www.ebiamontephotography.com

Edward Biamonte taught photography for 10 years at Evangel University while owning and operating a commercial photo studio. He designed four photography courses for EU, lecturing to hundreds of students: Intro to photography, Intermediate photography, Advanced Photography and Photojournalism.

Ed and his family just relocated to Gastonia North Carolina from Springfield Missouri. His wife Char is the new Director of Psychology Services at Caromont Health in Gastonia.

He is offering a four week class to help you take better photos. The class times are 9 am to 12 on Saturday. He meets with his students at a local restaurant for coffee and breakfast where they round table and listen to lectures on photographic theory. Then he takes his students to a location where they can put the photographic theories into practice.

Mr. Biamonte spends hands on time with each student to make sure they understand the photographic principles they are trying to employ. The students are asked to complete a photo assignment on their own and then present the work at the next round table.

Here’s what previous students had to say:

Testimonial by Nichole Christian

“As a beginner photographer with minimal technical camera knowledge, I found Ed Biamonte’s class incredibly helpful. I walked in with the ability to shoot a relatively nice picture and walked out a month later knowing how to set up the shutter speed, aperture and ISO balance for a correctly exposed picture. I also learned how to focus in on the main point of the photograph and look for unnecessary objects. I am now better equipped to draw the viewer into the photograph as well as shoot movement. I immediately noticed a difference in how I approach a new photo opportunity and I am more confident in my ability to estimate the available light, look for the best shooting angle and subject placement and use my camera settings to get the best picture possible. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from Ed Biamonte, he is an incredible photographer and a wonderful teacher.”

Testimonial by Kayla Hunzinger

~  Ed Biamonte is a wonderful instructor, and he is very passionate about what he does.  The four Saturdays that I spent in class were brimming over with simple, yet challenging assignments and Ed explained things in both technical and simple terms, so that even a novice, like myself, was able to put it all together and come out of the course with a much better grasp on the basics, and a better knowledge of my camera and it’s capabilities.  I really wish I’d have been able to take a full semester of his classes, while he was still in my area, and I would highly recommend taking classes from him.  Whether you are just looking to take better pictures, or turn your hobby into more than just a hobby.  He is brimming with knowledge!  ~

Testimonial by Britta Menzel

“As a first year photography student at Evangel Mr. Biamonte was key in further developing my love for photography. He was an excellent teacher and always very creative in our assignments. He would get us to think out-of-the-box on our projects while still ensuring that we learned the basics of how to compose a great photograph. I continue to do photography as a part time job on the side, but would love to make it my full time career someday. He is truly an inspiration, and I will never forget the things I learned in his class.”

Call today to reserve your seat! 417-766-2726

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